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Real Funny Stories

Sep 24, 2018

Postal Worker Burns Mail, Defective Pregnancy App, Twitter D*ck Pick Employees, Dangerous Sneezes, Man Wears Luggage On Flight, Axe Throwing Divorce Parties, Death Threats & Wife's Surname, Porn & The Apocalypse, Post-it Password, The Poop Knife


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Sep 17, 2018

Aggressive Lovemaking, Bad Doll, Financial Dominatrix, Pooping Passenger, Drunk & Jealous Man Kills Chickens, Viagra Overdose, Exploding Testicle, Short-Cutting Commuters, Aggressive Wild Turkeys Delay Mail, Two Bullets Made Him Listen, Woman Engaged to Tetris, Waffle House Attack, Poop Bandit, Tinder Turnoffs,...

Sep 10, 2018

Slick Willy, Tasmanian Devil Toupee, Shop With A Cop, Pot For An SUV, Elf On The Shelf Murder, iPhone Racism, 911 For Clams, Armed Toddlers, Fat & Happy, Oregonians Pumping Gas, Low Battery Anxiety, Eating Roadkill, Penis Whitening, Chocolate Shortage, Dating Bots, Selfie Museum


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Sep 3, 2018

They Killed The AOL Messenger, Dreaded Christmas Music, Selfitis, Uber vs. Ambulance, Pushy Santa Letters, Robocats, The McVegan Burger, Airport Living, Porch Pirates, Pizza Hut Joke, KFC For Christmas


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