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Real Funny Stories

Dec 30, 2019

The Vegan Neighbor, The Husband/Cousin, Men Are Like Floors, T-Rex Maid of Honor, Popeyes Stickup, Crows Bring Gifts, Disaster Relief Donation Fails, Pets > Children, Cow Cuddling, Kissing Chickens, Materialistic Sex Dolls, Beer In The Target Dressing Room, Couple Steals Erroneous Deposit, KFC Dating Sim Game,...

Dec 23, 2019

Pet Leasing, Nightmare Golfer Wife, Pooper at TIm Hortons, Body Part Painting, Sex Outside the Bedroom Poll, Cuddle Rebuff, Firefighters Train to Remove Butt Plugs and Penis Rings, Motorized Shopping Car Incidents at Walmart, Florida Zombie Outbreak, Summa Laude, Dating Apps, Hot Dog Scare, Florida Man Shouts Where...

Dec 16, 2019

Screwing Ex-Girlfriend, Crab Leg Heist, Mobile Penis Flashers, School Removes Trash Cans, Traveling For Selfies, Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Insanity, Sex For Chores


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Dec 9, 2019

Chewing Gum Divorce, Walmart Scooter Theft, Millennial Spelling, Lewd Octogenarian Couple, New Wedding Ring, Extreme Affection Leads to Divorce, Vagina Perfume, Murderous Sex Robots, Human Meat at Dairy Queen, Millennial Funeral Planning


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Dec 2, 2019

Booty Call Arson, Anti-Sex Toilets, Vomiting Vultures, Old Underwear, Stupid Wedding RSVP, Nude Cuddle Therapist, Flat Earth Bet, Crazy Cat Ladies


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