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Real Funny Stories

Aug 26, 2019

Smart Toilets, Breedready Women, Fat American Pets, Bodycam Records Sex, Eating Boogers, Solomoons, Stressed-out Millennials, Bridesmaid Rules, LSD Spike, No Pepsi On Probation, The Power of Male Cuddling, Dicks By Mail, Late for Work, Extreme Stalker, Used Underwear for Sale, Relationship Kondo-ing

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Aug 19, 2019

Chump Collectible Coins, Holiday Inn Retirement Plan, Salsa Testicles, Fleeing For A Cheeseburger, Pot Dogs, Socialist Limos, Autosexuals, Mexican Pizza Meltdown, Lotto Resentment

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Aug 12, 2019

Pizza Delivery Car Theft, Closet Man, Assman, Three Minute Marriage, Penis Cleaner, Flirty Napkin, Bank Robbers Call An Uber, Tinder For Dogs, Man Has Sex With BMW, Masturbation Stroke, KFC Tattoo, Sexting Theories, Mom Seeking Dates For Son, LoveSync, Tinder For Cows, Rage Yoga, Bathroom Humor Bomb Threat,...

Aug 5, 2019

Chicken Tender Road Kill, Dead Raccoon at McDonald's, Naked Wedding Dresses, Beer Spa, Masturbating Pizza Customer, Therapy Llamas, Period Parties, Jerk Cats, Vegan Bride Bans Meateaters, Man Swallows Poisonous Catfish, Poop Bricks, Life Support Snafu, Mistress Crashes Wedding, Used Sex Robot Parts, BBQ Grill...