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Real Funny Stories

Jan 25, 2021

No-sex Sex Houses, Responsible Thief, Honest Chinese Restaurant Owner, Scream Hotline, Masseuse Seduction, Shawn Mendes Bowl, Sexy Foot Guy, Nasty Coordinates, Lost Bitcoin Passwords


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Jan 18, 2021

Big Lord Beefcake, Taco Bell, Big Chested Pool Float, Fireworks Fight, Jimmy John's Cheater, Sex Robot Brothel, Sexist Men, Shark Feeding Goes Wrong, Sunbather Disrupts Wedding, Terror Group Bans Plastic Bags, Testosterone and Luxury Brands, White Stork Tracker, No One Puts Momma in an Assisted-Living Facility



Jan 11, 2021

Bogus Hawaiian Rolls, Bridezilla Contract, COVID Patient Romp, Tinder Questionnaire, Tesla Farts, Squirrel Attacks, Terrible In-laws, Japanese Man Gets Paid for Doing Nothing


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Jan 4, 2021

Inside America's Holes, Parents Sued for Porn Purge, Free Meth, Pay It Forward Hesitation, Pet Buffalo, Pajama Suit, Method Actor Bug, Spam and Cookie Burger


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