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Real Funny Stories

Jul 29, 2019

Virgin Visits Sex Island, Edible Anuses, Emotional Support Pet Fish, Free Cash Machine, Kid-Free Wedding, Lap Santas, Prolific Streaker, Hacked Hot Tubs, Sexual Smart Skin, Grammatically Correct Drug Dealers, Glade Butt Freshener, Burger King Reneges, Salad Lines, Army Targets Snowflakes, Testicle Cooling Device,...

Jul 22, 2019

Free Vibrator on eBay, Naked Oreo Run, Fancy Kid Diets, Substitute Spoils Santa, Sticky Landscaper Situation, Funeral Tinder Date, Feed the Fed Horse, Lotus Births, Principal Bans Christmas, Kohls Interview Theft, Sex in Space, Crowdbutching, Squire Sebastian Senator, Wife Seeks Sperm Donor


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Jul 15, 2019

Monopoly for Millennials, Wedding Crasher, iDollators, Autoblow A.I., DON'T USE CAPS, Women Gets Engaged to Chandelier, Rat Burger, Helicopter Penis, Wedding Photographer Ruins Wedding, Abcde, New Mexico Passport


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Jul 8, 2019

iPhone > Android, Sex for Speed Bumps, Fat Soap, Poo Orgies, Shocking Sex, Tampon Tax, Ring Shaming, Age Fluid, Catfish the Alligator, Flintstones Couple, Driverless Car Sex, Woman Nabs Lobster, Woman Blows Up Wedding Dress, Bacon Attack


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Jul 1, 2019

Boyfriend Banned List, Chips & Bullets, Millennials Can't Find Stamps, Sex Island, Roasted Pig Luggage, Super-Sized Meals Cut, Chubby the Customer, Dog Child Support, Dumping Ashes at Disney, Fake Stray, Serial Diaper Dumper, Bride Fattens Up Bridesmaids, Dating & STDs


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