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Real Funny Stories

Oct 28, 2019

Too Tired For Sex Slashing, C-section Selfies, Vagina Steaming, Drunk Yoga, Swimming Pool Stupidity, Heavy Metal Knitting, Wedding Cookies, 600-Mile Kid Road Trip, DoorDash Delivery Driver Eats Food, Detained Man Calls 911 for A/C, Clothing Rentals, Women Overdoes It At Sex Festival, Tupac Fixation


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Oct 21, 2019

Serial Toilet Clogger, $5k Revenge Tip, Iguana Kill List, Japanese Poop Museum, Chicken Dinner Road, Penis Camera, $125 Wedding Ticket, Gender Reveal Burnouts, Snake Carjacking, Jaws of Life ATM Heists, Man Murders Imaginary Friend, Criminal Turns Himself in For Reward Money


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Oct 14, 2019

Urine Therapy, Disgusting Passengers, Robot Babies, Sex Dolls For Rent, Dead Partner Replicas, Dr. Marijuana Pepsi, Foodie Calls, Travel Nightmare, 34 Bridesmaids, Open-Book Exam Cheaters, God Guns & Freedom, Insect Protein, Pole Artist, The Half Cake, Flat Earthers


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Oct 7, 2019

Xbox Fragrance Line, Taco Bell Runs Out of Tacos, Gator Eats Guac, Revenge by Ketchup, Drunk DJ, Bachelor Party Rules, Vacuum Periods, Fake Impossible Whoppers, Millennial DIY Skills, Walmart Home Delivery, Civilian First Responders, Vacation Packing Stabbing, Fried Chicken Bouquet, Bleeding Private Parts, One...