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Real Funny Stories

Dec 28, 2020

Montana Virgins, Covid Bus Party, Tree Casting, Slow Jackpot Winner, Cannibal Sandwiches, FBI Agent Impersonator, McPlant Burger


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Dec 21, 2020

Credit Card Naughty List, A Recipe for Seduction, The Tickle Bar, 9-Year-Old Gets a Benz, Angry 280-Mile Walk, Granny Sexting, Glory Holes, Drama Class Drama, Snapchat Fiasco, Airborne Students


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Dec 14, 2020

Bald Man Seeks Cure, Laborious Bar Exam, Teenage Subcontractor, Sunny Disposition, IKEA ABBA Nightmare, Hatfishing, Kmart Towel Fiasco


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Dec 7, 2020

Male Chauvinist Driver, Sexually Frustrated Dolphin, Lobster Tombstone, Hitching an Ambulance Ride, Swing Set Art Destroyed, Bridezilla Melts Down, Vagina Casts, Mile High Lap Dances, Right Shoe Theft, Prostitute Phone Number, Massive Sex Toy Gets Stuck, Cuban Condom Creativity, Airport Security Trays, Cookies on...

Nov 30, 2020

Tree Humper, Weird Drive-thru Stories, Weak Punishment, Meat-eating Vegetarian Babysitter, Middle School Pepper Eating Contest, Weak Passwords, Criminal Brings Child to Work, Black Market COVID-19 Tests, Barista Confessions


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