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Real Funny Stories

Nov 30, 2020

Tree Humper, Weird Drive-thru Stories, Weak Punishment, Meat-eating Vegetarian Babysitter, Middle School Pepper Eating Contest, Weak Passwords, Criminal Brings Child to Work, Black Market COVID-19 Tests, Barista Confessions


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Nov 23, 2020

Gold Butt, Twifi Promo, Ranch-covered Teen, Gay Penguins Steal Eggs, McDonald's Ketchup Meal, Zoom Zoom Busted


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Nov 16, 2020

Aladdin Lamp Scam, Wrong Baby Drop, Leopard Experience, Naked Sushi, Crowded First Date, KFC Firelogs, 10 Marriages and Counting, iPhone Repair Bribe


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Nov 9, 2020

Covid Positive Parties, Bizarre Subway Sandwiches, Baby Name Dilemma, Profane Parrots, Surprising Escort, Helicopter Jail Break, Sex Robots



Nov 2, 2020

Taco Bell Entrepreneur, Deep Voice Cheaters, Teachers Criticize Students, 911 Calls for Giant Fish, Creepy Barbie Facebook Groups, Chastity Lock Hack, Baby Shark Torture, Altar Group Sex, Unlucky Scammers


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